The correct base preparation is crucial to ensuring the long term durability of your pour in place rubber surface. Insufficient base preparation can lead to an unstable surface and premature failure.

Common Sub-Bases

6 inch depth road crush compacted to 98% S.P.D
Concrete Pad
Asphalt Surface

How To Prepare A Site for Pour in Place Surfacing

Analyze Drainage
It is key to ensure water doesn't pool on the site. If it does, drainage systems may have to be installed and the site built up above grade to collect the water and transport to a drain.
Excavation and Sub-Base
Installing a stable sub-base is critical to long term durability of your pour in place rubber surfacing. If this is a new build, this will often require excavation of the site to allow for the finished surface to be at the correct grade.
If the edging is to be a concrete curb, ensure this is installed and sufficiently cured prior to installation of our pour in place rubber surfacing. Another common option is our rolled rubber edge, a seamless edge constructed when we install the pour in place surface.