The Virgin Colour Rubber surfacing finish uses 100% non-recycled coloured rubber granules (EPDM or TPV) to provide a highly durable, UV resistant surface with high tensile strength. Virgin coloured rubber is the premium option for creating an attractive, durable poured in place rubber surface.
Ultimate Design Option
Virgin Colour Rubber is a colour fast, durable surface finish for your pour in place rubber surface. With a large range of colours, this premium surfacing finish allows you to create amazing designs.

Virgin Colour Rubber Colour Chart

Green Apple 1212
Evergreen 1208
Forest Green 1211
Turtle 1219
Vine Green 1227
Lemon 1205
Cardinal 1213
Fiesta 1222
Brick Red 1204
Autumn Yellow 1209
Sand 1217
Dust 1210
Walnut 1225
Rain 1220
Ice 1214
Ocean 1223
Mineral Blue 1224
Indigo 1221
Aqua Blue 1215
Grape 1216
Flint 1226
Bone 1206