Creating safer, healthier, and more effective playground and recreational areas with pour in place rubber surfacing and molded products.

Recreational and Athletic Surfacing and Molded Products.

At Softline Solutions, we understand that no matter what surface you play, run or walk on, safety and comfort are a priority.  That’s why Softline Solutions is committed to creating better playground and recreation flooring spaces with our Poured in Place rubber safety surfaces and VistaLine rubber molded products

We work with:
-Landscape Architects
-Playground Suppliers
-Municipalities and Cities
-Government Institutions
-Senior and Childcare Facilities
-Fundraising and Non-profit Groups
-Sports and Recreation Facilities
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Over 240,000,000 tires are saved from the landfill every year.

Softline Solutions' commitment to sustainability has led to developing industry changing processes to recycle old surfaces into new ones. Not only do we use recycled material in our surfaces, but we also offer to recycle your existing surfaces!

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