SAZALP surface markings are designed to add a pop of color and excitement to any playground. From hopscotch to four square to educational games and more, our markings can be customized to fit the needs and interests of your students.

Not only are our markings visually appealing, our thermoplastic markings promote safety by clearly marking off play areas and guiding children in the right direction. Because they are customizable, you can choose the designs and games that best fit your school's needs and culture.


  • Courtyards

  • Asphalt Parking Lot Retrofits

  • Street Park Retrofits

  • Any asphalt, concrete or paver surface.

Compass 4Point - SFT_0260

Alpha Grid - SFT_0261

Alpha Snail - SFT_0262

Alpha Dragon - SFT_0263

Alpha Caterpillar - SFT_0264

Number Chiefs - SFT_0265

Number Shapes - SFT_0266

Number Squares - SFT_0267

Counting Caterpillars - SFT_0268

Block Hopscotch - SFT_0270

3Way Block Hopscotch - SFT_0271

Hoppy Hopscotch - SFT_0272

Round Hopscotch - SFT_0273

Shuttle Hopscotch - SFT_0274

Blastoff Hopscotch - SFT_0275

Pig in the Middle - SFT_0276

Assorted Shapes - SFT_0277

FootPrint Shapes - SFT_0280

Ducko Prints - SFT_0281

Mr Grizz Prints - SFT_0282

Dino Claws Prints - SFT_0283